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  1. Once that happens, he said, Dole could pull ahead of the president.
  2. Suddenly, the wind dies, and Wrack pulls ahead of the Edwardian ship.
  3. Detroit shot 58 percent in the third quarter to pull ahead 91-74.
  4. Artest helped the Pacers pull ahead by 3 points on easy layups.
  5. It should just get out of the way of whoever pulls ahead.
  6. Bush pulls ahead for a few days, and then Gore overtakes him.
  7. She broke Kournikova again to pull ahead as the cheers became louder.
  8. But combined, Sony and BMG would pull ahead with 29.91 percent share.
  9. The Pacers outscored Houston 11-2 late in the third to pull ahead 76-72.
  10. He did not do enough else to pull ahead of Weiss.
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