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  1. They were initially taken into custody for trespassing on a public street.
  2. "I was sticking up for myself, saying, ` It's a public street.
  3. Parke became a member of the In-Public street photography collective in 2001.
  4. The site is bordered on all sides by public streets and sidewalks.
  5. Bush said the accident won't stop him from jogging on public streets.
  6. Others worried that this would only increase the drivers'aggressive tendencies on public streets.
  7. However, he drew the line at banning smoking on public streets.
  8. He had seen grisly shootings that left blood and entrails in public streets.
  9. More than 1, 000 gates block public streets in neighborhoods, rich and poor.
  10. Citizens are free to record conduct on public streets, Siegel said.
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