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  1. Longer presentation lists have been found to reduce the primacy effect.
  2. For college students, the controversial topic exhibited a primacy effect.
  3. The primacy effect extended over the first four serial positions.
  4. :* Maybe related to the primacy effect?
  5. Results from the experiment showed that all groups expressed both primacy effects and recency effects.
  6. People with Alzheimer's Disease exhibit a reduced primacy effect but do not produce a recency effect in recall.
  7. Primacy effects are displayed when the person recalls items presented at the beginning of the list earlier and more often.
  8. In another experiment, by Brodie and Murdock, the recency effect was found to be partially responsible for the primacy effect.
  9. This is shown by the higher recency and primacy effects of an auditory recall test compared to that of a visual test.
  10. Primacy effects generally come from the idea that greater attention is devoted to items that appear at the beginning of presentation lists.
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