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  1. These exploding-bridgewire detonators gave more precise detonation, compared with primacord.
  2. The initiation of the explosives was initially performed by a multipoint Primacord system.
  3. Primacord charges created several holes in the third stage, releasing its water over a period of several seconds.
  4. When the terminate command was sent to the rocket, primacord charges split both stages longitudinally, instantly releasing its load of water.
  5. The first tests using electric detonators and solid pits were performed on 7 and 14 February 1945; until then primacord-based initiation was employed.
  6. On October 2, 1978, the EPB and Volunteers infiltrated an armory and took 500 pounds of ammonium nitrate, dynamite cartridges, 988 blasting caps and 17, 500 feet of primacord.
  7. The qualification test vehicle ( QTV ) did not destruct when commanded to do so because improperly installed primacord did not propagate the initial detonation to the shaped charges on the Algol motor case.
  8. He also assessed that the necessity to use Primacord, an element they had been trying to avoid, for the explosion scene proved excessively dangerous, and was ultimately replaced with wood and clothing material.
  9. Dimension stone is separated by more precise and delicate techniques, such as diamond wire saws, diamond belt saws, burners ( jet-piercers ), or light and selective blasting with Primacord, a weak explosive.
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