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  1. Three out of these four polytypic species are already split into two by some taxonomists.
  2. The Warbling Antbird has traditionally been considered a single polytypic species, but recent evidence has led to it being split into six almost entirely parapatric species.
  3. The distinctness of this species from " Egretta garzetta " has however been highly debated with some authors treating " garzetta " as a polytypic superspecies.
  4. Mayr also introduced the polytypic species and complexes of closely related species paying particular attention to how variations between different populations correlated with local environmental factors such as differences in climate.
  5. They also recognized that species are " polytypic ", having variations in time and space; and that behavior and change of function can give rise to evolutionary change.
  6. It breeds throughout the northern parts of the northern hemisphere in Canada and the northernmost polytypic, with two subspecies . "'Marsh hawk "'is a historical name for the American form.
  7. The "'red-throated thrush "'( " Turdus ruficollis " ) is a passerine bird in the polytypic species, " dark-throated thrush ", black-throated thrush then being the other subspecies.
  8. The "'black-throated thrush "'( " Turdus atrogularis " ) is a passerine bird in the polytypic species, " dark-throated thrush ", red-throated thrush then being the other subspecies.
  9. So there's the absolute skeleton there of an argument that you could say that humans should " really " be counted as a polytypic species with big beautiful butts associated with this marker and smaller daintier butts with all the others, but, well, nobody has put in the research to prove it.
  10. The problem is that when you talk about genetically distinct sub-groups ( which is what that fancy words " polytypic " ( having more than one sub-group ) and " phylogenetic " ( grouping determined by gene sequencing ) means ), you have to ask what set of genes you're talking about.
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