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  1. Lane is from Pole Cat Hollow in Pleasants County, West Virginia.
  2. The dark birds and the walrus run away immediately upon seeing the little pole cats.
  3. Look for Pole Cat, a catfish dre1sed as a Bell South telephone utility man, and the aptly named Catfish on a Hot Tin Roof.
  4. During the 1968 season, several homeowners along Pole Cat Road near Concordville complained of the noise and smell of steam locomotives coming across their yards.
  5. Gary Smith, a second generation Canadian driver from Victoria, Vancouver, British Columbia, made like a pole cat Saturday and emerged a top dog in NASCAR Feather Southwest Tour qualifying at Phoenix International Raceway.
  6. Although Sprague crashed in the season-opener last week and finished 22nd, he was a pole cat at PIR, setting a new 1-mile qualifying record with a speed of 128.402 mph.
  7. The movie doesn't pay him much heed until the end, when it drags most of the major characters to the Pole Cat, a sleazy bar, where he is making a good living as a feisty exotic dancer.
  8. Upon completion of refit on 28 May, " Bonefish " got underway in company with and, as part of " Pierce's Pole Cats ", commanded by " Tunny "'s skipper, Commander George E . Pierce.
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