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  1. In fact, many of the experiments can be performed with two pairs ( or one broken pair ) of polaroid sunglasses.
  2. In addition to measuring the brightness or temperature of the microwaves, WMAP, like a pair of Polaroid sunglasses, can also measure their polarization.
  3. Once the photon encounters filters that, like Polaroid sunglasses, allow only one polarization to pass through, the photon's polarization becomes known and definite.
  4. :In regular polaroid sunglasses, both lenses allow only vertically polarised light through because when sunlight is reflected off of water or other flat surfaces, the glasses will dim it down.
  5. Using their telescope in effect as a pair of Polaroid sunglasses, the team, headed by Dr . John Carlson of Chicago, discovered that a faint radio haze thought to be the fading remnant of the Big Bang itself is slightly polarized.
  6. You'll share my astonishment, I'm sure, when I tell you that the 90-minute video discussed waders of varying lengths, wading belts or something that sounds like that, boots and Polaroid sunglasses but did not mention even once those nifty vests, how much they cost, and where I can find one with more pockets than my brother's.
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