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  1. Let be a plane curve ( the precise technical assumptions are given below ).
  2. Compass and circular planes are used to plane curved surfaces.
  3. SierpiDski demonstrated that his carpet is a universal plane curve.
  4. The "'butterfly curve "'is a transcendental plane curve discovered by Temple H . Fay.
  5. The circle is the plane curve enclosing the maximum area for a given arc length.
  6. In differential geometry and calculus, the angles between plane curves or space curves or derivative.
  7. Those of degree four are called quartic plane curves.
  8. Each convex plane curve has a centre of mass.
  9. B�zout's theorem implies that a plane curve with a bitangent must have degree at least 4.
  10. These, for planes sufficiently close to the tangent plane, intersect the surface to make convex plane curves.
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