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  1. Ther fore, Planck mass is about 4?0 22 electron masses.
  2. The mass scale is at most the Planck mass.
  3. So 1 kg is about 45 million Planck masses.
  4. The Planck mass, for example, is about the same as that of an ant.
  5. where G _ D is the Newton constant in D dimensions and M _ p the corresponding Planck mass.
  6. While not as unimaginable to us as the Planck length, fleas would then be a whopping 5000 Planck masses.
  7. The value chosen for a unit of the Planck temperature is that corresponding to the energy of the Planck mass or.
  8. For ordinary electromagnetism, the upper mass bound is not very useful because it is about same size as the Planck mass.
  9. :: : That's the Planck mass; the black hole would be roughly equivalent to a gravitationally collapsed flea.
  10. However, in some scenarios involving extra dimensions of space, the Planck mass can be as low as the Pb Pb collisions.
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