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  1. They should align vertically with the pivot brackets in the track.
  2. Screw the bottom pivot brackets into place on the floor.
  3. Set the doors in place by sliding the door pivot pins into the top and bottom pivot brackets.
  4. The kit will include all the necessary hardware : the track, pivot pins, pivot brackets and handles.
  5. A pivot bracket to the top right of the count wheel holds a three-pronged fork-like construction.
  6. If you experience difficulty, you can make minor adjustments to the door alignment by turning the adjustment screws in the top and bottom pivot brackets.
  7. If the door frame is a standard size, the installation will consist of mounting the stop molding to the jambs, attaching the slider track to the top jamb, screwing the pivot brackets in the corners and putting the doors in place.
  8. The Gresley design of conjugated valve gear suffered from variations in valve events brought about by heat expansion of the valve spindles and flexing of the combination lever  even after considerable re-design of the lever and pivot bracket, affecting the valve events when the locomotive was under way.
  9. A new, unique spare tire carrier was invented by Peter Gruich while working for Jeep Special Programs that utilized the trailer hitch bar and a unique pivot bracket and although it was the only external spare tire carrier to pass the full Jeep durability test, it was not offered for sale.
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