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  1. In 1859, Sutton developed the earliest panoramic camera with a wide-angle lens.
  2. Itek would eventually deliver about 200 panoramic cameras for the CORONA program.
  3. He sets up his panoramic camera to indicate a path through the wilderness.
  4. Jim Bell, the main scientist on Opportunity's panoramic camera, said Monday.
  5. Globus holds patents on panoramic cameras called the Globuscope and optics.
  6. A panoramic camera was installed on the back of LAURON for teleoperation tasks.
  7. The wide 6?2, 6?7, and 6?4 cm frames are produced by special-purpose panoramic cameras.
  8. Lasthein's photographs are taken with a panoramic camera which gives them a Cinemascope appearance.
  9. He set up his panoramic camera at a pre-arranged spot and shot whomever showed up.
  10. The panoramic camera took thumbnail images of the sky.
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