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  1. Resolved limbal follicles may leave small gaps in pannus ( Herbert s Pits ).
  2. Basically, the hypertrophied synovium is called pannus.
  3. Other symptoms include corneal edema, thickening of Descemet membrane, and degenerative pannus.
  4. Pannus may also develop in diseases of the corneal stem cells, such as aniridia.
  5. Pannus clouds can often be mistaken for a developing tornado, landspout, or waterspout.
  6. In addition, blood vessels and scar tissue can invade the upper cornea ( pannus ).
  7. This is due to the formation of pannus fibrotic around the valve body and sewing ring.
  8. These are the nimbostratus clouds, and the cumulonimbus clouds, and are classified as pannus clouds.
  9. "' Pannus "'is an abnormal layer of fibrovascular tissue or granulation tissue.
  10. Nimbostratus pannus is an accessory cloud of nimbostratus that forms as a ragged layer in precipitation below the main cloud deck.
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