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  1. Pre-packaged programmes can be adapted to meet company needs.
  2. The Ministry would introduce a new package programme for them in Pahang, Perak and Kelantan.
  3. Films from overseas are also exhibited, in an international competition section, and in specially packaged programmes.
  4. The broadcast centre assembles and packages programming into channels for transmission and, where necessary, encrypts the channels.
  5. In Kangra, package programmes were undertaken in collaboration with the West Germany for popularising modern techniques of cultivation among the farmers.
  6. He set up Wildvision to sell re-packaged programmes and videos internationally, and helped to establish " BBC Wildlife " magazine in 1983.
  7. Lee Morin, worried about communicating with injured Iraqi prisoners of war during the last Gulf War developed a package programmed in Visual Basic.
  8. He also pushed for increased marketing and promotion, creation of new shows, an overhaul of Headline News and more emphasis on breaking news rather than packaged programming.
  9. Praising the suggestions put forward by the business leaders at different Task Force meetings, the minister said the frozen food sector is gaining momentum following implementation of the package programmes recommended by the expert committee.
  10. Think of this as a skewed evolution of the pay-per-view TripleCast experiment from 1992, providing as much live coverage for those who want to watch live events, leading up to the packaged programming on the networks, where all the real advertising dollars are invested.
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