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  1. Not far behind, a pack train hauled freight and the hired hands.
  2. His headquarters staff, Troop D, and the pack train followed directly behind him.
  3. People used pack trains, mule trains, and oxen on the trails.
  4. Around 1863, he operated a pack train in the Cariboo District.
  5. Initially, with few roads, pack trains and wagons brought supplies to the miners.
  6. Selling the pack train business in 1864, the Sherars moved to Tygh Valley.
  7. By September, pack trains were travelling the trail to Wild Horse.
  8. Brewster Mountain Pack Trains, Lake Louise : ( 403 ) 522-3511, extension 1210.
  9. They began firing on Bernard's left flank and pack train, before being run off.
  10. Early season hikers  including Pacific Crest Trail pack trains.
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