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"pack off" meaning in Hindi  


  1. Cooper got his pack off and threw it into the brush.
  2. "Yeah, I'll be leading the pack off instead of bringing the pack in,"
  3. She stayed with the leading pack off and on throughout.
  4. Or the decision to pack off the editorial writer to his parish in Norfolk?
  5. Soon, they pack off to go to the Amazon with some professors and photographers.
  6. The clerk looks at a prescription number and hands you a pack off the shelf.
  7. Well just take the ice pack off your face and let your eyes do the work.
  8. McRae and his co-driver, Derek Ringer, will lead the pack off the ramp in a Subaru Impreza.
  9. In Harry's case it means you pack off to Sudan, wear a phony beard and go undercover.
  10. Pack off Kemp to the Washington Generals?
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