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  1. The real hydrogen-like p orbitals are given by the following
  2. Combined, all three p orbitals map to a perfect sphere.
  3. resulting in two sp orbitals and two remaining p orbitals.
  4. ? p orbitals is determined, and provides ? ?.
  5. P orbitals often engage in this sort of bonding.
  6. forming a total of three sp 2 orbitals with one remaining p orbital.
  7. The leftover p orbital is used in the double ( ? ) bond.
  8. But at greater distance only the p orbital from tellurium can be detected.
  9. The nitrogen is involved in the ?-bonding aromatic system using its unhybridized p orbital.
  10. This results from continuous band overlap of half-filled p orbitals and explains electrical conduction.
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