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  1. The Chinese policies also affected the in and out flows.
  2. Out flows a ragged but usually coherent sound, full of passion and surprises.
  3. So out flow the Al cations.
  4. It is the in-and-out flow of capital markets that can destabilize today's emerging economies.
  5. This is because happiness is really a state of in-and-out flow of one's energy.
  6. Pierce this timbale with a fork and out flows molten goose liver, ready to be sopped up with the casing.
  7. Turn the tap and out flows water, courtesy of mammoth reservoirs and hundreds of miles ( kilometers ) of aqueducts and pipelines.
  8. To captures this in the temae, the practitioner moves at one with an energising in-to-out flow of breath.
  9. In the late 1950s the Air Force bombed the channel in the Estuary and this changed the river out flow straight out to sea.
  10. Just 15 feet from the lander, said imaging team leader Peter Smith, is a carved-out flow channel with a sandy bottom.
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