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  1. Officials were urging citizens to stay out and away from the water.
  2. College student Vimbai moves out and away from her controlling mother.
  3. Keeping them out and away from my body gives them a uniform arc.
  4. Tree roots generally grow out and away, not down.
  5. That one ( Wednesday ) was a slider out and away he carried to right.
  6. Half-dead man walking, he forced himself to step out and away from the surgeon's crippling blades.
  7. Adds Walicki : " It's mainly to get out and away from school and your major.
  8. Nash said, " but you can get out and away from people and cars and traffic quickly.
  9. Getting out and away from the insular resort is the only way to see Jamaica and its people.
  10. Natural cellulose, such as cotton or bleached kraft, show smaller fibrils jutting out and away from the main fiber structure.
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