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  1. or any other orthogonal coordinates, or even general curvilinear coordinates.
  2. Orthogonal coordinates never have off-diagonal terms in their metric tensor.
  3. In 3D orthogonal coordinate systems are 3 : spherical.
  4. In orthogonal coordinates in three dimensions it is represented as the 3x3 matrix:
  5. For illustration, several examples in orthogonal coordinates are worked in the next sections.
  6. :: So is it because of the orthogonal coordinate system that makes rectangles simpler?
  7. In orthogonal coordinates is the angle the tangent to the geodesic makes with the-axis
  8. In an orthogonal coordinate system the lengths of the basis vectors are known as scale factors.
  9. The grid is rectangular, with a set number of orthogonal coordinates ( usually latitude and longitude ).
  10. For the gradient in other orthogonal coordinate systems, see Orthogonal coordinates ( Differential operators in three dimensions ).
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