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  1. An ellipsoid is determined by a set of orthogonal axes.
  2. The two variables are plotted on two orthogonal axes.
  3. Davenport proved that any orientation can be achieved by composing three elemental rotations using non-orthogonal axes.
  4. When plotted on linear axes, the distribution assumes the familiar J-shaped curve which approaches each of the orthogonal axes asymptotically.
  5. The three axes of the ellipsoid are now directly along the main orthogonal axes of the coordinate system so we can easily infer their lengths.
  6. They are usually installed with orthogonal axes to the slope surface and therefore, at first, approximately orthogonal to the surface of the creep.
  7. The spacecraft's primary instrumentation was a highly sensitive gravity gradiometer consisting of three pairs of accelerometers which measured gravitational gradients along three orthogonal axes.
  8. Thus, 8 hexagonal tilings meet at each vertex of this honeycomb, and the six edges meeting at each vertex lie along three orthogonal axes.
  9. The project develops over orthogonal axes and large and stately buildings, built mainly of limestone, tuff and marble, traditional materials associated with Roman Empire architecture.
  10. An exception is represented by those cities that were originally founded as Roman military settlements, and that often preserve the original grid layout around two main orthogonal axes.
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