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  1. Islamnagar was the original capital of the Dost Mohammad Khan's state.
  2. Accor brought 40 percent of the original capital and now holds 74 percent.
  3. Sharabhapura appears to have been the original capital of the dynasty.
  4. Her original capital was $ 3.82, and dinner was often rice and spaghetti.
  5. Under his successor, Abipa, the Yoruba repopulated Oyo-Ile and rebuilt the original capital.
  6. It was founded by the French and was the original capital of the island.
  7. In other words, about half the original capital was lost.
  8. The original capital ward consisted solely of the Glebe.
  9. The original capital of the Company was ?50, 000, consisting of 250K shares of ?.
  10. From the late 1st century, Panticapaeum, the original capital city, had gradually lost its importance.
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