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  1. The larvae mainly feed on " Origanum vulgare ", but occasionally also on other herbs.
  2. 174 botanical specimens he collected including " Origanum vulgare " are held in the Wisbech and Fenland Museum.
  3. That one, usually but not always called Turkish or Greek oregano, is the white flowering Origanum vulgare ssp . hirtum.
  4. Adults are active during the night and day and feed on flower nectar of " Origanum vulgare " and " Molinia " species.
  5. The larvae feed on wild thymus ( " Thymus serphyllum " ), wilde lungwort ( Pulmonaria officinalis ) and wild Majolijin ( Origanum vulgare ).
  6. Some Israeli companies market za'atar commercially as " hyssop " or " holy hyssop " . " Hyssopus officinalis " is not found in the wild in Israel, but " Origanum vulgare " is extremely common.
  7. "Consumers and chefs complained so much about the poor taste of typical oregano, seed companies finally offered Origanum vulgare heracleoticum for a true Greek oregano, " said Rose Marie Nichols McGee, an owner of Nichols Garden Nursery, in Albany, Ore.
  8. Another species identified as " wild za'atar " ( Arabic : " za'atar barri " ) is " Origanum vulgare ", commonly known as European oregano, oregano, pot marjoram, wild marjoram, winter marjoram, or wintersweet.
  9. Perennial fennel, lemon balm, mint, oregano ( look for Origanum vulgare hirtum or Greek oregano ), rosemary, sage, thyme, bay laurel, chive, and anise hyssop, and annual anise and dill are among the many culinary herbs that thrive in a cool winter greenhouse.
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