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  1. Aeration : Oxygen is required for efficient decomposition of the organic wastes.
  2. Can destroy finely divided and consistent organic waste, therefore significant pre-processing required.
  3. Riverside urbanization may lead to organic wastes being released into the water.
  4. Washington : The Worldwatch Institute holds a briefing on recycling organic wastes.
  5. Other researchers had previously modified the bacterium to produce alcohol from organic waste.
  6. I am arguing against indiscriminate conversion of biomass and organic wastes to fuels.
  7. Other priorities include recycling organic waste to reduce landfills and generate clean energy.
  8. Waste Management will also assist Terrabon in securing organic waste streams.
  9. Organic waste, such as livestock manure, is incredibly rich in methane.
  10. Biomass is also derived from wood and other organic wastes and modern remains.
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