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  1. Near the end of the Cretaceous, tectonic activity during the Laramide Orogeny rejuvenated several basement structures in the Williston Basin to produce anticlines that serve as oil traps today.
  2. First, before the battle, you can get more gold, but the defender can spend the points of construction to strengthen its position : to cut down trees, to build a low wall, oil traps, or Trebuchet.
  3. Study of regional structure is important in understanding orogeny, plate tectonics and more specifically in the oil, gas and mineral exploration industries as structures such as faults, folds and unconformities are primary controls on ore mineralisation and oil traps.
  4. Once the oil was formed in what are called source beds, it may have been forced into underground formations of permeable rock called oil reservoirs, and from there it may ( or may not ) have accumulated in large-scale oil traps that are easy to tap.

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