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  1. The building's fuel oil tanks were submerged in water, and then burst.
  2. A . Lots of oil tanks are outdoors, with no freezing problems.
  3. The airport had a 500-gallon underground heating oil tank removed in 1986.
  4. A check of the boiler revealed that the oil tank was dry.
  5. In one attack, an oil tank exploded on the outskirts of Grozny.
  6. Abdullah discovers that and plans on setting the oil tank on fire.
  7. The tennis court there used to be where huge oil tanks stood.
  8. The site was cleared of all unusable structures and damaged oil tanks.
  9. In 2005 the oil tanks of the gas turbine plant were demolished.
  10. Surrounding chemical and oil tanks and refineries were ignited by the blast.
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