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  1. Samuel Woodworth's Old Oaken Bucket house is located in Scituate.
  2. The lift cage travelled in steam-bent oaken tracks.
  3. Oaken defenders appeared in the " Monster Manual IV ".
  4. She gets lost, collecting supplies at Wandering Oaken's shop.
  5. Both Barbie and the ancient oaken doll have a kind of talismanic quality.
  6. Terence Rattigan's portrait of British justice celebrating its own oaken decency.
  7. He died at Oaken Holt on 6 February 1900.
  8. Put Judge Judy behind a tall oaken bench and let her go to work.
  9. The oaken pews are actually painted pine boards.
  10. Caruana says, pounding his fist on a long oaken table in his office.
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