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  1. My wife managed to get some note pads relating to the games.
  2. Only newcomer Horace Copeland faced the onslaught of cameras and note pads.
  3. Emmitt announced, launching his three minutes with the cameras and note pads.
  4. Toys and crayons lay next to the computer note pads and keyboards.
  5. Allen scribbles the word " scrungie " on her note pad.
  6. And no Cowboys media throng had more minicams or note pads.
  7. As her father answered questions, Alix scribbled in a note pad.
  8. They rushed to the oversized note pad perched on an easel.
  9. "Oh, " she said, jotting a reminder in a note pad.
  10. Newmar heads for a note pad, where she has scribbled down some thoughts.
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