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  1. However, Note circulation increased considerably after 1925.
  2. He also delighted in taking meandering weekend car trips around the state, checking out possible travel page stories while noting circulation opportunities.
  3. Over the next three years there was much talk of the need for a single issue bank and for a reduction in the note circulation.
  4. By 1886 some 36 private banks of issue had been founded, but they played a small part in note circulation because of the huge volume of government paper money.
  5. Due to rising inflation and easy credit, the Banca Romana and the five other issue banks ( banks that were allowed to issue banknotes ), had steadily increased their note circulation.
  6. However, its most prestigious acquisition was "'Stuckey s Bank "'( 1909 ) or the Somersetshire Bank which " wielded great power in the west of England and had the largest note circulation of any bank in England outside the Bank of England ".
  7. "The seasonal adjustments for narrow money are derived from data to end-November because of the difficulty of assessing any change in seasonality in the December data before the large rise in the note circulation, associated with Christmas, has unwound, " said the Bank of England in a statement.
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