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  1. The Place Names Board designated the suburb and its name in 1972.
  2. A photograph of 1968 shows a name board with'Port Gordon'clearly displayed.
  3. Part of the platform survives also, complete with name board posts.
  4. In November 1970, the NSW Geographical Names Board attempted a compromise.
  5. Enfield South is designated as a neighbourhood by the NSW Geographical Names Board.
  6. Members of the Oregon Geographic Names Board elect the board president.
  7. Unusually part of one platform, including a station name board, remain.
  8. In 1911, the Geographical Names Board of Canada adopted " Tzuhalem Mountain ".
  9. Two weeks ago, Laura Ashley named board member Lord Hooson as non-executive chairman.
  10. The name is widely known and discussed on baby naming boards.
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