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  1. WRESAT weighed and had the form of a cone with a length of and a mouth diameter of.
  2. Estimates of its size deduce a 23-24 inch height and a mouth diameter of about 20 inches.
  3. The bells were cast by the leading French bell foundry musical note G, weighs and has a mouth diameter of.
  4. The town probably acquired its second bell, cast circa-1889 and having a mouth diameter of inches and height of inches, in 1889 through the initiative of Fr.
  5. The obtained measurements of Maitum jars without its anthropomorphic lid has the height of 43.5 cm, widest diameter of 36 cm, widest mouth diameter of 30 cm and a thickness of 0.7 cm.
  6. The second corresponds to a small vessel with socket base, short neck; red slip probably associated with the red Rivas ceramic, measured 9 x 10 cm, height and width, and the mouth diameter is 5.2 cm.
  7. Corresponds to a prehispanic piece shoe shaped with the following dimensions : Length 40, width 28, height 31 and mouth diameter 21.5 cm, was recovered completely fragmented and altered, at the bottom of the urn were found remains of temporary dental or deciduous molars, premolars, canine and incisors that seem to correspond to an infant aged 6 to 8 years approximately.
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