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  1. The majority of surrounding land is farm and moor land and many walkers come to the area.
  2. These are large embanked channels which act as upland water carriers conveying water from the upstream catchments through the low moor lands.
  3. Islandeady boasts many kinds of land, fertile plains, bog, marsh, moor land, mountain rock and stony soil.
  4. 150 years ago the lake was surrounded by moor land as the original oak forest had been depleted due to human intervention.
  5. Flooding of adjacent moor land was partially addressed during the 13th century by the construction of a number of embankment walls to contain the Parrett.
  6. The reservoir is fed from a stream named Todd Brook, which has a large catchment area including the shining tor moor land above the reservoir, through which the brook flows.
  7. On the morning of 24 September 1645 the Battle of Rowton Heath occurred in moor land called Miller's Heath near the village of Rowton, two miles to the south east of Chester on the modern A41 road.
  8. After covering a distance of approximately 1 km through marshy moor land, the brook empties out into the Chew Reservoir, which was built in 1912 and was the highest constructed reservoir in England ( 1600 ft / 488m above sea level ) at the time ( the Cow Green rservoir, near Middleton in Teesdale in County Durham is the current holder, completed in 1971 ).
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