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  1. The first of the runners will finish by moonlight around midnight.
  2. The sky was punctuated with astoundingly bright stars and milky moonlight.
  3. The balcony scene is played in dappled darkness, suggesting moonlight.
  4. Hermann is emphatic that Moonlight's ads target adult smokers.
  5. MOONLIGHT BECOMES YOU, by Mary Higgins Clark . ( Pocket,
  6. Like a rotten mackerel by moonlight, he shines and stinks.
  7. And who could beat the backdrop of Keystone Mountain by moonlight?
  8. Even four members of Mayor Richard Riordan's staff moonlight.
  9. It's like a wicked moonlight that lays on us.
  10. Mrs . Moynihan first visited the Moonlight Garden excavation in 1995.
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