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  1. It's so light that a moderate breeze would blow it away, Paulos says.
  2. On route the weather worsened and what started as a moderate breeze became a gale force storm.
  3. But now, in Sunday afternoon's moderate breeze and relatively flat water, Prada seemed to have a slight advantage.
  4. The deciding race was sailed in moderate breeze and heavy swells off the cliffs of the Sydney Heads.
  5. Out on the field, you've got a bunch of 60-pound kids wearing uniforms so big that a moderate breeze would cause them to take flight.
  6. The caution of the challengers created a strange scene _ their 80-foot, high-tech yachts were towed to safe harbor while children in small dinghies cruised past in a moderate breeze.
  7. In a moderate breeze, under downwind, there must always be room to bear off-should a gust suddenly hit, the only option to keep the boat from capsizing is to bear off.
  8. Moderate breeze embedded with gusts to 28 mph ( 44 km / h ) brushed Dominica, and 1.25 in ( 32 mm ) of rain fell at Canefield Airport within 24 hours of Cindy's passage.
  9. The temperature in Al-Mahra varies between 22 and 35 Celsius with moderate breeze, but during the monsoon session the temperature dip to low 20s as result of the humidity increases to between 50 % to 75 %.
  10. A gale is a type of Wind Description preceded by 0 : Calm, 1 : Light Air, 2 : Light Breeze, 3 : Gentle Breeze, 4 : Moderate Breeze, 5 : Fresh Breeze, 6 : Strong Breeze and succeeded by 11 : Violent Storm and 12 : Hurricane on a Beaufort Wind Scale.
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