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  1. The mineral soil is covered by a decaying cover of organic matter.
  2. These factors combine to cause drier conditions in the underlying mineral soils.
  3. The surrounding mineral soils come from serpentine which has naturally occurring asbestos.
  4. Most of it is covered by a thick layer of mineral soil.
  5. Moist mineral soil is best for germination of seeds.
  6. Melanic epipedon is extremely fluffly for a mineral soil.
  7. Exposed mineral soil covered only 0.3 % of the observed transect area.
  8. This layer of mineral soil contains the most organic matter accumulation and soil life.
  9. Severe uprooting opens bare patches of mineral soil that can act as seed sinks.
  10. When the fires subsided, thin mineral soil and bare rock were all that remained.
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