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  1. "It's a microorganism unto itself,"
  2. The nitrogen additive feeds the microorganisms that are responsible for decomposition.
  3. Both wine and cheese are produced by microorganisms through natural fermentations.
  4. Microorganisms are added to cheese during production to make various flavors.
  5. Vitamin B12 is produced by the fermentation of bacteria and microorganisms.
  6. These are microorganisms that could establish these chronic infections . ..
  7. Microorganisms and animal life will be no more affected than before.
  8. Microorganisms can be found almost anywhere in the animals and plants.
  9. Microorganisms on the filter then grow to form a visible colony.
  10. The term phytoplankton encompasses all photoautotrophic microorganisms in aquatic food webs.
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