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  1. Metallic mirrors work pretty well, but they have limitations.
  2. Metallic mirror preparations called'metallicum preparatum'came to play an important role in the medicinal use of metals.
  3. The mirror reflected infrared light equally well from all angles and as efficiently as the best metallic mirrors.
  4. The most common are metallic mirrors like those found on the walls of Versailles or on medicine cabinets.
  5. So metallic mirrors cannot be used in applications like communications and high-powered lasers, where minimizing energy loss is important.
  6. This test relies on the thermal decomposition of these trihydrides to the metallic mirrors of reduced As, Sb, and Bi.
  7. The transmission of the prism can be further improved by using a dielectric coating rather than a metallic mirror coating.
  8. Metallic mirror surfaces are inadequate for laser work ( household Al-covered mirror surfaces are 83 % reflective, Ag is 95 % reflective ).
  9. The main drawback is that standard dielectric mirrors, unlike metallic mirrors, reflect only light that strikes them from a limited range of angles.
  10. The cable is essentially an omnidirectional wave-guide that reflects light from all angles and polarizations, just like metallic mirrors, but unlike them it does this with less signal loss.
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