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  1. Common types of transmitting and receiving aerials such as Yagi antennas, and radiation patterns, measurement of frequency and use of simple frequency meters conclude the topic.
  2. Measurements of frequencies in good performances confirm that the size of the major third varies across this range and can even lie outside it without sounding out of tune.
  3. Although conversion from wavelengths to metres introduces an additional error in the overall length due to measurement error in determining the refractive index and the frequency, the measurement of frequency is one of the most accurate measurements available.
  4. Independent measurements of frequency and wavelength are, in effect, a measurement of the speed of light ( " c " = " f? " ), and the results from the methane-stabilized laser gave the value for the speed of light with an uncertainty almost 100 times lower than previous measurements in the microwave region.
  5. Radio technology exists in 1492, and the shipboard operator of a telegraph is a " Friar Sparks ", although the principles are described in religious terms involving angels'winglength as a substitute for radio waves and the involvement of cherubim " hurling themselves " across the ether to send the signal ( giving rise to " kilo-cherubs " as a measurement of frequency, denoted as " k c . ", and " continuous wingheight, " denoted as " c w, " both radio terms in the real world ).

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