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  1. In 1964 van Zwet proposed a series of axioms for ordering measures of skewness.
  2. These are analogous to the alternative measures of skewness that are not based on ordinary moments.
  3. Use of L-moments in place of moments provides a measure of skewness known as the L-skewness.
  4. Other names for this measure are Galton's measure of skewness, the Yule Kendall index and the quartile skewness,
  5. The parameter ? equals the difference between the distribution s mean and mode and can be viewed as unnormed measure of skewness.
  6. Other measures of skewness have been used, including simpler calculations suggested by Karl Pearson ( not to be confused with Pearson's moment coefficient of skewness, see above ).
  7. Like all measures of skewness, the medcouple is positive for distributions that are skewed to the right, negative for distributions skewed to the left, and zero for symmetrical distributions.
  8. These trimmed midranges are also of interest as descriptive statistics or as L-estimators of central location or skewness : differences of midsummaries, such as midhinge minus the median, give measures of skewness at different points in the tail.
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