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  1. The mineral works at Merstham helped to bring about improved means of conveyance.
  2. Flash memory is another means of conveyance of information to and from the calculator.
  3. A well-padded backpack is a much better means of conveyance.
  4. On the Internet, the smiley has become a visual means of conveyance that uses images.
  5. His main means of conveyance is a technique called which gives him the ability of flight.
  6. By the time his reign came to a close, motor cars became the principal means of conveyance.
  7. By the end of the week, several had alternate means of conveyance or plans to remain in New York.
  8. Even seriously injured hospital patients, many without any means of conveyance, were summarily forced to leave regardless of their condition.
  9. "E-mail is a means of conveyance, just like the fax, " he said, speaking faster as he warmed to the topic.
  10. Bowring, the British envoy, noted in his correspondence in 1855 that " boats are the universal means of conveyance and communication ."
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