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  1. As the Taiwanese graduated from tennis rackets they started making dot-matrix printers.
  2. The first version of Dress Shop only supported a few dot-matrix printers.
  3. Here is a link to a dot matrix printer at that site.
  4. Various sources indicate that IBM introduced the first dot-matrix printer in 1957.
  5. Initially, Damman used a dot matrix printer and sheets of Weichert, Realtors.
  6. The ROM . This support ROM containing, WIMP and dot-matrix printer support routines.
  7. This changed to some degree with the increasing popularity of dot matrix printers.
  8. One often-overlooked application for dot-matrix printers is in the field of IT security.
  9. :Line Printer is a fairly specific term, and does not include dot-matrix printers.
  10. 7501 and 7502 used 132-column, dot-matrix printers with a serial interface.
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