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  1. This may be written more succintly in matrix operator notation as,
  2. is a 2 ?2 matrix operator, because of the Pauli matrices.
  3. The basic logical operations defined using this set of vectors lead to matrix operators.
  4. Coordinates of spacetime are normally commutative but in noncommutative geometry they are replaced by matrix operators that do not commute.
  5. A wealth of tools and modules are available for equation solving, matrix operators, data manipulation, diagnostics, and results validation.
  6. If DM, DE are considered, one should take into account the matrix operator bound geometry in C3 and the above-mentioned grids.
  7. Group representation theory was generalized by Richard Brauer from the 1940s to give modular representation theory, in which the matrix operators act over a real or complex numbers.
  8. where \ mathbf { F } is the force-matrix operator, introduced in Diabatic, also known as the Non-Adiabatic Coupling Transformation ( NACT ) matrix:
  9. For quantum mechanics QM I suggest a complex 3-, finite dimensional Hilbert space as a matrix operator space C3 in which energy systems can be formed or decay.
  10. The above matrix operator contracts with one bispinor index of at a time ( see matrix multiplication ), so some properties of the Dirac equation also apply to the BW equations:
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