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  1. Numerous new quotes and dot-matrix effects were also added.
  2. It also significantly reduces the matrix effects.
  3. The matrix effect can also cause an increase in signal, producing false positive results.
  4. One sample preparation issue with liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry is possible matrix effects due to the presence of background molecules.
  5. Biological samples are more complex to analyze because of factors such as the matrix effect and the metabolism and conjugation of the target compounds.
  6. While this value of \ sigma _ { ax } is calculated for an isolated atom, a simple modification can be made to account for matrix effects:
  7. These matrix effects have been shown to decrease the signal in methods such as PI and ESI by amounts as much as 60 % depending on the sample being analyzed.
  8. Since the matrix effect can be corrected for by observing the decay spectrum, little or no sample preparation is required for some samples, making neutron activation analysis less susceptible to contamination.
  9. Figure 4 ( c ) shows a curve where there are significant matrix effects, where there is some sort of reversible interaction with the matrix, such as desorption from an active site.
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