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  1. This chamber is approached through the mastaba tomb's false door.
  2. Additionally, the surrounding mastaba tombs date to the reign of King Snefru.
  3. He was buried in a mastaba tomb in north Saqqara, now ruined.
  4. The tomb of Kaninisut was a mastaba tomb.
  5. Her tomb is a large mastaba tomb, with another off-center mastaba placed above it.
  6. Princess Seshseshet Waatetkhethor is buried in Mereruka's mastaba tomb along with their son, Meriteti.
  7. This is especially evident on the Giza Plateau, where hundreds of mastaba tombs have been constructed alongside the pyramids.
  8. His most famous monument was his step pyramid, which entailed the construction of several mastaba tombs one over another.
  9. A lifelike statue of Mereruka was found intact within the principal chamber at the far end of his mastaba tomb.
  10. There are a number of mastaba tombs between the walls and 22 burial shafts on the western side of the pyramid.
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