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  1. So heavy trucks came in and massive rocks were strategically placed.
  2. Massive rock cuts and clearings appear in the mountainside above the old highway.
  3. We passed that massive rock where the flaxen-haired temptress lured boat crews to destruction.
  4. She has imbedded in the plaza what appear to be two massive rock formations.
  5. Until this tiny stone will grow into a massive rock
  6. They do their foraging at night on massive rock faces.
  7. In November 2009, a massive rock slide closed the Ocoee Scenic Byway for several months.
  8. At the end, the Rocks trail goes into a massive rock outcropping at the lakeshore.
  9. The spacious main room has shiny hardwood floors and a massive rock fireplace in the center.
  10. The massive rock fort standing above the beautiful tank Janera tal, presents a very pleasing sight.
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