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  1. The researchers encased marker genes in liposomes _ microscopic man-made spheres of fatty material.
  2. Two others have just the marker gene, Campbell said.
  3. Human iChon cells expressed marker genes for chondrocytes ( type II collagen ) but not fibroblasts.
  4. These animals were transfected but contained a marker gene " not " the cloned gene of interest.
  5. Monsanto made the first transgenic plant, a petunia with a marker gene from a bacteria, in 1983.
  6. (4 ) The observable characteristic of transgenic cells may be a transient expression of the marker gene.
  7. Five pregnancies resulted, and three health males were born, including ANDi, whose cells contained the marker gene.
  8. These genes include cancer marker genes and genes involved in cell adhesion, migration, and metastasis . [ 4]
  9. DESIRED TRAITS : Visual marker gene.
  10. The DNA used in these preliminary experiments carried a marker gene, which was expressed, but no known human genes.
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