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  1. Finally Manxmouse goes to the Isle of Man to meet Manx Cat.
  2. Another example of a recessive lethal allele occurs in the Manx cat.
  3. Manx cats possess a heterozygous mutation resulting in a shortened or missing tail.
  4. The two Manx cats, Tuffy and Freddy, loiter in the bedroom.
  5. Acting as Siam's bodyguards are A-Ko and I-Ko, two Manx cats.
  6. I remember reading that Virginia Woolf kept a Manx cat.
  7. She has Manx cats now, the kind without tails.
  8. Use for on-board rodent control may have spread Manx cats to ports in other countries.
  9. Usage and examples can be found in Manx cats, Manx Rumpy, Belgian d'Everberg and Araucana chickens.
  10. He also sent the Home Office a Manx cat to replace the one they had lost.
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