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  1. Steve caught hell when he bought the Mason-Dixon manuscript map,
  2. In 1528 he published the manuscript map of Hungary he had found after 1526, presumably in Buda.
  3. Twelve manuscript maps survive from his work at this time, covering the Lothians, Stirling, Fife, Kinross and southern Perthshire.
  4. "' Mongolian manuscript maps "'usually mapped administrative divisions ( banners or aimags ) of Mongolia during the Qing Dynasty.
  5. Collins recorded that he had spent ?0 on instruments, and charged ?0 for the 120 manuscript maps he delivered.
  6. Pont's manuscript maps are key historical documents for their time, of importance in the fields of place-names, settlements, and other studies.
  7. His manuscript map of Moldova was the first real map of the country, containing geographical detail as well as administrative information.
  8. Its existence was given currency in manuscript maps of the 1560s by the Maggiolo family of Genoa and was accepted by Mercator and Jodocus Hondius.
  9. He continued to collect rare maps throughout the 1970s and in 1981 purchased one of only two known manuscript maps drawn by a 20 year old George Washington.
  10. Such manuscript maps have been used for official purposes by the Qing government since the 17th century, and new maps continued to be drawn until at least the 1930s.
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