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  1. They may have used manganese dioxide to accelerate the combustion of wood.
  2. Manganese dioxide based cathodes have shown good properties, but deteriorated on cycling.
  3. The reaction produces manganese dioxide, which tends to clog the steam generators.
  4. This is achieved by pyrolysis of manganese nitrate into manganese dioxide.
  5. The graphite layer also prevents a direct contact between manganese dioxide and silver.
  6. Perhaps the disk is manganese dioxide or some other catalyst for this reaction?
  7. Hybrid cell cathodes include manganese dioxide to allow high peak currents.
  8. The IEC prefix " CR " denotes lithium manganese dioxide chemistry.
  9. Starting August 1951, the co-catalyst was changed from manganese dioxide to ferric sulfide.
  10. Bergman next suggested that Scheele analyze the properties of manganese dioxide.
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