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  1. The company was sold to Manganese Bronze Holdings, which also owned Villiers.
  2. The Manganese Bronze report noted that Mexico reportedly has some 600, 000 taxis.
  3. Manganese Bronze has experienced more than one economic cycle.
  4. Manganese Bronze Chief Executive Jamie Borwick said he does not foresee a problem meeting this demand.
  5. Guan�n may alternatively have been a manganese bronze.
  6. In 1966 AMC became insolvent and was reformed as Norton-Villiers, part of Manganese Bronze Holdings Ltd.
  7. In 1984, the London taxicab dealer Mann & Overton was bought by Manganese Bronze Holdings Plc.
  8. In addition to building cabs, Manganese Bronze also sells, finances, repairs and makes parts for the vehicles.
  9. Since then, Manganese Bronze forecast a profitable full year, saying it expects demand for new taxis to recover.
  10. Over the last year, Manganese Bronze's shares have risen 90 % to close unchanged at 348.5 pence Monday.
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