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  1. It provides type inference and is compiled to machine language by LLVM.
  2. His original interpreters and metamachines were written directly in a pseudo-machine language.
  3. :It is easy to decompile pretty much any program into machine language.
  4. Writing in 8080 machine language, Allen finished the program before the plane landed.
  5. High-level languages are translated into machine language using a compiler or an assembler.
  6. In some cases, a special program for entering machine language numerically was provided.
  7. X + Y, and X-Y are two read-only registers within the machine language.
  8. IMP allows the programmer to inline machine language instructions in the IMP source code.
  9. Operation : The ARGUS name of a Machine Language command or an ARGUS-only command.
  10. The other type of subroutine was delivered in machine language with a Macro wrapper.
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